Corbridge 1st v South Northumberland 3/6/15

Corbridge win the toss and elect to bowl.

We went out onto the field with a very definite first goal… Get Caroline Frew out.

I love watching Frew bat… Especially when we’re on the same team for Northumberland, or if I’m just watching a game but playing against her is completely different. Frew is destructive. She hits 6’s for fun, with little effort on the biggest boundary. If she gets going it doesn’t matter who is bowling at her, she is more than capable of taking a game away.

Frew is also just about the nicest person on the planet, for the record.

The way she started the threat was massive but as a lesson, don’t hit an outswinger through midwicket from outside the off stump off Dani’s bowling. The next ball will be a fair bit quicker. It hit the stumps.

With the major danger out what followed was an excellent bowling performance to keep South North to 43 from 20 overs only blemished by a few missed chances in the field.

I dropped another caught and bowled, this one hanging in the air instead of straight back. I’m hoping that’s the 3 out the way and I’ll catch the next one. Good job we don’t do fines.

The ball was swinging a mile for Dani. It was turning and there was some unexpected bounce on some deliveries for me especially with a new variation which I learned then adapted from Chris Fowler’s grip which he showed me at Matfen nets a couple of week ago. Jen Sewell had her tempting length going. Yves was mixing up her pace.

With a small total to chase and a required run rate of just over 2 an over.

Lisa was left with the dilemma of stick or twist? Mix up the batting order or not?

I’m personally not the biggest fan of switching the batting order as a rule. I’ve seen it go wrong so many times especially chasing small totals that I’m always on the stick side of that dilemma. But then I had said that I wasn’t all that bothered about having a bat earlier… Then I changed my mind having seen the wicket and what it had done, the bit of misbehaviour and not taking into account how well we had bowled if I’m honest. It looked like a challenge to bat on.

Lisa decided to stick so we went out.

Left arm seam to open which can be tricky but Sophie bowled so much down leg side that it was easy to pick off for runs especially for me as my pull shot was operational. Lisa had threatened that there might be some running required with the outfield not letting the ball run but time the ball well enough and it was no problem to get to the boundary.

The bowling continued to be too legside and South North missed Roshi, any team would miss Roshi as their opening bowler (and batting is very handy too). Without her there wasn’t enough pace to worry about. The biggest threat to me was getting myself out which I did try to do having a god awful slog, I got away with it but it served as a timely reminder to behave myself.

Lisa continued her good timing and got the straighter bowling to finish 17*.

Out of 25 runs for me, I’m pretty sure that only 2 of they came from offside shots.

45-0 (6 overs)

Corbridge 15 points. South Northumberland 0 points.

It was a hammering. There’s no real other way of describing it.

An unintentional hammering of a really good set of lasses who try hard and with a full strength side can be very dangerous but on the flip side it was a job that needed doing. A match that needed to be won with the least drama possible.

6 games played, 5 won, 1 conceded. 75 points. Top of the league at the moment but our toughest opponents are still to come and we’ve got a run of them in the coming weeks… Penrith, Stocksfield 1st’s, who will both be challenging for the league, Kirkley who may be new but are putting up some great results and Hexham Leazes a bit of a bogey team for us.


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